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The digital world of n’cloud is exactly how the world turns today. Changing, moving and in full motion. Explore the opportunity of getting the latest news on n’cloud.swiss to remain in the loop, use cases to understand how n’cloud.swiss provides you with added value and last but not least webinars to learn about how to use and get advantage of n’cloud.swiss. Keep in touch with us from all around the world at the same time.

Why cloud customers can have it all with n’cloud.swiss

Introduction to our deployment models Telecommunications experts come together in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress taking place this week. As the industry’s premier event, technology companies have here the opportunity of showing off their latest innovations in diverse areas


from cutting-edge smartphone technologies over artificial intelligence and cloud computing which is gaining enormously in importance. Considered as the digitization tool par excellence, the cloud’s capabilities are only now beginning to be realized. As business development progresses, the infrastructure must be able to cope with new modern initiatives and steady growth. Cloud computing is thereby the promise of having a modern and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure without the need for substantial capital investments and personnel increases. It is therefore not surprising that the cloud market revenue is expected to double in the next three years reaching up to 162 billion USD. More than 65% of the cloud computing market is occupied by only a few leading giant providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. The remaining 35% market share is in the hands of thousands of cloud providers scattered around the world. The question arises as to after which criteria customers decide for a cloud provider. The answer is: They do not decide for one. Many companies pursue a multi cloud strategy to maintain the ability and flexibility to select different cloud services from different providers. In fact, cloud computing is distinguished by a set of deployment models which are private, public and hybrid. Today, there is no single multi-cloud infrastructure vendor with the exception of n’cloud.swiss. Praised as a Swiss and European alternative to the major cloud providers, n’cloud.swiss is a cloud platform running in one of the world’s most secure data centers in Switzerland. The idea is to enable customers to design a cloud according to their specific requirements with the same product, either as a service model, an on-prem version in existing IT environments or as a hybrid variant. In addition, all cloud service models from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), over Platform as a Service (PaaS) to Software as a Service (SaaS) are part of the platform. All this is surrounded by an innovative internal n’cloud.swiss application catalogue. Within the latter, n’cloud.swiss offers more than 142 applications from 30 different IT categories “free and ready to go” as well as the opportunity to upload also other development applications and tools easily. Along personal support and competitive pricing models, API connectivity for easy and fast transfers of existing developments from or to other major cloud platforms award n’cloud.swiss a unique selling point and a competitive advantage.

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March 2nd, 2018

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Swiss Farmers Association develops Tax evaluation application on n’cloud.swiss

The Swiss Farmers Association develops its new Tax evaluation application for the Swiss farmers on n’cloud.swiss. The project is being launched in co-operation with Netkom’s own DevOp Team. Launch for the software is planned for 1st quarter 2018. The application supports farmers to easily manage tax reports on their property and environment and qualifies also for tax government verification. August 1st, 2017

SplendorNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – First Indian company on n’cloud.swiss

With the Pune based SplendorNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd., the first development company from India joined the world of n’cloud.swiss early December. Further projects are planned also in the field of on-prem installations in India, UK and other markets starting from January 2018. December 1st, 2017

New website n’cloud.swiss launched

With the beginning of the new year 2018 – also the new website n’cloud.swiss has been launched. The whole developments as well as UI/UX works have been fully managed on the n’cloud.swiss development platform. The development team has used a number of applications from the free and ready to go application catalogue. The Swiss based n’cloud.swiss platform is a serious Swiss/European IaaS-, PaaS-, SaaS- cloud-alternative to the major cloud operators. January 2nd, 2018

Added value can be expected once an application scenario has had it's proof of concept. Explore our use cases section to find a variety of use cases built in the n'cloud.swiss environment. Feel free to send us your experiences and uses cases for publishment.

Website development & e-commerce shops

With it’s free and ready to go 140+ application catalogue, n’cloud.swiss offers developers to host, develop and launch websites and/or e-commerce shops pretty easily with virus-free applications spinned up on VM’s within minutes. A selection of the best CMS and e-commerce tools combined with Database-as-a-Service and Compute Service (VM) will help any developer to set-up and run websites and e-commerce shops on n’cloud.swiss quick and up-to date at any time.

DMS-System “Google for docs”

The n’cloud DMS/QMS product is a fully functional document & quality management system. For easy deployment it has been mainly developed in combination with n’cloud.swiss Kubernetes-as-a-service (Docker). The application is available as an SaaS cloud service and/or on-prem version and includes easy document drag & drop functionality, filing criteria and flexible intranet frame for easy overview, reporting and management.  

Tax evaluation tool – EBT project

The EBT project by the Swiss farmers union, is a tax evaluation application for the Swiss farmers. The project is developed in co-operation with Netkom’s own DevOp Team. The basics, calculation and mechanisms, were originating from large and complex excel forms. The goal of the EBT-project was not only to reduce complexity, but also to automate the calculation and evaluation as much as possible. The project is using n’cloud.swiss Compute and Database products.

Upcoming Events | n’cloud.swiss webinars

Why using the n’cloud.swiss on-prem cloud platform (IaaS, PaaS, Saas)

This webinar will be announced shortly | n’cloud.swiss Webinar

Webinar agenda:

  • Why using n’cloud.swiss on-prem
  • What are the advantages & differences to other major platforms
  • How to use n’cloud.swiss on-prem – get your free trial
  • What are the steps to launch n’cloud.swiss on-prem in my company
  • Questions and Answers

Upcoming Events | n’cloud.swiss webinars

Why using the n’cloud.swiss service cloud platform (IaaS, PaaS, Saas)

This webinar will be announced shortly | n’cloud.swiss Webinar

Webinar agenda:

  • Why using the n’cloud.swiss cloud platform?
  • What are the advantages & differences to other major platforms?
  • How to use n’cloud.swiss? – get your free trial!
  • How to become a partner?
  • Questions and Answers