n’cloud.swiss On-Prem – The ideal private cloud solution

Whether you’re a big company, an international corporation, a government-related institution, a federation or just any company with a high demand for cloud services with increased security requirements. You can find the right solution with n’cloud.swiss private cloud! Sensitive data stays in-house under your own protection while you get to use a fully functional cloud infrastructure, our “Next Generation Cloud Platform”.

Why use n'cloud.swiss as an ON-PREM version?

All the benefits of n'cloud.swiss public cloud for you in-house
Hyperconverged software significantly reduces hardware costs and TCO
Compatible with any standard X86 hardware
Option to use as Hybrid Cloud in conjunction with the n'cloud.swiss cloud platform
Support and Swiss quality standards, as well as an attractive licensing model

n’cloud.swiss as “hyperconverged” software for on-prem customers

With its open-stack-based software-centric architecture, n’cloud.swiss integrates computing, storage and virtualization resources into a single system on any standard x86 hardware. The form of “hyperconverged” software enables ON-PREM customers to reduce their TCO between 30% to 70% within three years compared to a public cloud offer! You also benefit from the flexibility of a normal public cloud.

Are you ready?

Then join the cloud world of n’cloud.swiss!

First steps with n’cloud.swiss

Our tutorials and videos, as well as our wiki page help you to use n’cloud.swiss correctly right from the start.

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