Company history


Incorporation of Netkom IT Services GmbH by André Matter in Seengen, Switzerland.


Incorporation of Netkom IT Consulting GmbH by André Matter in Seengen, Switzerland.


Launch of n'cloud, one of the first IaaS/SaaS platforms for SMEs in Europe. Netkom is considered from then on as a cloud pioneer.


Netkom reaches the milestone of having 3000+ users on the n'cloud platform. The same year, Netkom participates for the first time at the CeBIT 2016 in Hanover, Germany.


International Expansion with n' as Netkom's product flagship. The same year, Netkom IT Consulting GmbH is renamed to n' AG. The ambitious goal is to be recognized worldwide as a serious "Swiss made" alternative to the world's leading cloud providers.


The CIO of n' AG Matthias Imhof is nominated for the awards "Swiss CIO of the year 2019" and "CIO of the Decade". In addition, n' AG is nominated by for a Technology Product Award in the section "Innovative Use of Open Source Technology" while CMO Yahya Mohamed Mao is representing the company during Malta's famous AI & Blockchain Summit where in an interview he gives expert insights on Technology for Social Impact.


Realization of IT consulting projects for big companies such as Citibank, ABB Turbo Systems, Schindler AG, Serono AG over the coming years allowing the company to grow quickly.


Transformation of Netkom from a purely consulting company to a full service IT provider leading to various virtualization projects, roll-out of server-client installations for SMEs in Switzerland and abroad.


One of the biggest projects with the IT migration for Schindler AG


Netkom's long-term cloud strategy leads to the launch of n' during the CeBIT 2017 in Hanover. n' as a full-service cloud platfrom for all cloud models attracts interest from across the globe. Netkom is also awarded with the prestigious "Innovationspreis IT - Initiative Mittelstand" for its CDaaS Solution.


The certification of the quality and information security management systems according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 underpin the ambitious goals of the company.


Launch of the highly anticipated marketplace which includes TechStore, n'store e-Commerce Shop, Job Portal, Academy and n'world. n' AG is nominated for the prestigious company prize of the canton Aargau.


Headquarters n’ AG
Schilfweg 1 CH-5707 Seengen

Products and Services

Public Cloud

In the Public Cloud business unit, we offer our services to a large number of users via the Internet. Our customers can rent services such as computing power, infrastructure, storage space or applications from us.

Hybrid Cloud

For customers who want to benefit from the advantages of a public cloud and those of a private cloud at the same time, we provide in our business unit Hybrid Cloud the option of orchestration between the individual platforms.

n'cloud Virtual Office

In the Workplace as a Service business unit, led by our unique product n’cloud Virtual Office, we provide our customers not only with the software but also with the necessary hardware. We take over the installation, provision, and maintenance of the workplace.

n'cloud Spot Intances

For companies that just need a single or a few Virtual Machines. A very affordable, easy and stable solution for customers from all over the world. The Virtual Machines are all located in our secure datcenter and the location is always Switzerland.

Our Team Leaders

André Matter

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Mathias Rodenstein

Global Head of Customer Relationships

Yahya Mohamed Mao

Chief Marketing Officer

Dario Corsini

Chief Technology Officer & CISO

Anna K. Faber

Chief Digital Officer & Partnerships Director

Steven Matter

IT Project Manager & Head of n'cloud Academy

Emanuel Nacht

Cloud Architect

Murat Even

Legal Advisor

Prof. Dr. Gabriel Felley


Roland Schneider

Advisor & Board Member

Dr. Daniel Burgwinkel

Advisor & Blockchain Expert