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Why do you need n'cloud.swiss VPC?
What is a Virtual Private Cloud?

A Virtual Private Cloud is a secure and isolated private cloud environment hosted within a public cloud. Users can run code, store data, host websites and much more to their hearts content as they would in any private cloud.

Unlike other types of private clouds, the virtual private cloud is hosted remotely by a public cloud provider.

VPC isolation within a public cloud

A VPC has a dedicated subnet and VLAN that are only accessible by the VPC Customer. A private cloud consists of infrastructure fully dedicated to a single organization.

Usually, an organisation would have to buy the necessary infrastructure, install the required software and recruit an IT team, all of which culminates into a hefty cost. A VPC however simplifies the process and makes it cheaper, since it runs on shared infrastructure just like a public cloud. 

Who are VPCs for?

VPC is perfectly suited for companies, that need a private cloud environment but don't want to give up on the benefits that public clouds offer.

VPC Features



A VPC provides full access to the entirety of your network. As a result, customers can add more computing resources on demand.



Even though VPC is a part of a public cloud, VPCs are logically isolated networks. So, your data and applications are completely separated from any other customers, ensuring
your privacy.



Cloud-hosted applications perform better than those hosted on local premises servers.



It is fairly easy to connect a VPC to a public cloud or to a premises infrastructure via the VPN.

VPC Benefits

Reduced risk

Our VPC offers you a high level of security at the instance and subnet level.


Cloud infrastructure resources are provided dynamically. So it's easy to customize a VPC to meet your changing needs. VPCs are flexible and can be customized as your business needs.

Cost savings

It is in the nature of the public cloud that you only pay for the services that you actually use. With our VPC you no longer need to invest in hardware in the future.

  • All services are hosted in Switzerland
  • For own Virtual Network (own VLAN, full bandwidth up to port level)
  • Additional IPv6 addresses on request
  • Firewall and switch redundancy included
  • Managed Firewall Services
  • 1 Gbit connection to the internet (up to 10Gbit possible)
  • DDoS BGP L3 Protection (100mbit Clean Traffic, Level 3)
  • BYOD (runs smoothly on all devices)
  • Site-to-Site VPN connection possible
  • Product can be extended with Nextcloud, 2-factor authentication (2FA from Entrust), and Backup & Disaster Recovery (Acronis)

Build your own Cloud environments

Costs will be charged monthly



Floating IP incl. DDoS Protection


RAM per GB


Acronis Backup pro VM




2-Factor Authentication


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