Virtuozzo is known for having developed the first commercially available container technology in 2001, which is used by over 700 service providers, ISVs and enterprises to enable over 5 million virtual environments running critical cloud workloads.

Virtuozzo is a portable and flexible hyperconverged infrastructure software solution, that merges system containers, hypervisors, and storages into one efficient and consistent platform. It is a server virtualization solution designed to centralize server management and consolidate workloads by reducing the number of physical servers required. Many organizations use Virtuozzo for server consolidation, disaster recovery, and server workload agility. Major service providers worldwide rely on Virtuozzo for scalable and secure server platforming. 

Products and Solutions

Virtuozzo Hybrid infrastructure

Increased performance and revenue in any data centre with lowered costs caused by ownership.

Virtuozzo Hybrid Server

Low cost and more value delivered with software-defined storage and high-density virtualisation, all in a single solution. 

Virtuozzo Hybrid Workspace

Enables virtual workspaces for companies, especially beneficial regarding the current
situation worldwide. 

n'cloud and Virtuozzo

It is our pleasure to add Virtuozzo to the list of our suppliers and we look forward to delivering many more high-end solutions and products to our end-customers.

Our technical team will provide support at every stage of your customer journey, all while offering the following benefits:

Enhanced security, since you will be able to secure your virtual network environment, including your IP address, subnets and network gateways.

Improved performance
by prioritizing the network traffic of carefully selected applications to avoid congestion and potential bottlenecks.

Control over
your data
as your VPC is separate from other clouds at the network level.

based on demand, as you can choose the cloud architecture best suited for your company as you go.

Service Features

  • Advanced memory management
  • Storage tiers
  • Ready to use Virtualization solutions 
  • Store petabytes of data
  • Built-in replications
  • Highly flexible and scalable distributed software incl. defined storage solutions

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