n’store – Marketplace for applications
and services

The n’cloud.swiss marketplace N’STORE is currently under construction.

n’store enables business businesses around the world to launch (sell) or buy business applications (software) or get information about a specific application. n’store serves as the one-stop business applications marketplace. The functionalities, look, feel and user experience will be in the same range as Apple iTunes or Google Play Store. Users around the world are adapted to these two stores.

The n’cloud.swiss marketplace will work as a “shopping center”. Each of the shops will have the same benefits, same professional look and feel as it is with other major known e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon or others. The magic is to give them a “known-before” experience but still the marketplace will be unique and attractive and n’cloud.swiss like.

The platform is connected via integrated payment systems and will accept major credit cards and alternative payment methods. On the platform communications and interactions to suppliers and n’cloud.swiss is provided.
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