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Our n’cloud.swiss Innovation Talk is a series of events designed to help beginners get started in n’cloud.swiss and to improve their knowledge of our cloud platform. As a promoter of digital innovation and technological advancement, we also organize events with specialists in blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other industry-specific topics. You have an idea for a great event that we can organize together? Let us know via info@ncloud.swiss


Freedom to work and communicate everywhere thanks to the Internet! Our webinars help you get started with features and functions and show you how to get the most out of it. AWS compatibility, Swiss safety and quality standards, just to name a few. Watch the webinars while our cloud computing specialists reveal brand new and recently launched features that you can use to grow your business with our cloud platform. Stay up to date on upcoming webinars and follow us on our social media channels!


Our podcast is currently under development and will be available soon.

Podcast ncloud


The press and public relations department of n’cloud.swiss AG is responsible for the communication of the company. The tasks of the department include keeping in contact with editors and journalists, answering media inquiries and publishing up-to-date corporate news via various channels.
In addition to the online presence and social media channels of n’cloud.swiss AG, the press office is also responsible for numerous publications on national and international platforms.

Press inquiries
Please send press inquiries via e-mail to presse@ncloud.swiss.