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Watchguard Cyber Security Game Stop & Parental Control

Excessive computer game consumption can lead to serious addiction. Young people belong to the risk group for online addiction.

Socially anxious, depressed adolescents or those with low self-esteem are at greater risk of developing internet addiction. Emotional problems seem to be easier to overcome with gaming and the Internet. Overall, more male internet users are affected by addiction, but online addiction tends to increase among female users.

Definition Online addiction

Online addiction is characterized by a strong desire to use the Internet, a loss of control over its use, an increase in use over time, a narrowing of interests in the Internet, symptoms such as nervousness when the Internet is not used (withdrawal symptoms) and continued use despite harmful consequences. Not all of these signs have to be present to be considered online addiction.

Protect your child

With Watchguard Security you not only protect your laptop or PC from malware, you can also determine when your child is allowed to access the Internet, what they are allowed to see and you can activate a Game Stop .

Your Benefits

Your benefits at a glance

Child protection and game control

With Watchguard Cyber ​​Security we protect your child from uncontrolled surfing & gambling addiction. With our set, which we provide for you or configure individually, you determine when your child accesses the Internet or when they can play.


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