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Our n'cloud services can be booked individually or combined freely to suit your needs.
Each package can also be configured individually for separate users at fixed monthly prices,
cloud-based or local. DDoS protection and encrypted SSL access make n'cloud Virtual Office a modern and secure Workplace-as-a-Service solution.


Virtual Office Business & Home-Office

The complete solution consisting of Microsoft Office and n'cloud Virtual Office enables you to work productively and offers your company complete protection anywhere and anytime!
Ideal as a home office workplace! 


Hosted Exchange

n'cloud Hosted Exchange renders Microsoft Outlook mobile.
E-mails, appointments and addresses can be synchronized quickly and automatically.


2-Factor Authentication

2FA increases the security significantly and secures the access to your data!
To do so, install the APP on your mobile phone.


n'cloud VPC -Linux & Windows Server, Kemp Loadbalancer, VM's

Our VPC Portal enables you to set up virtual servers within minutes. Our load balancer distributes the requests of your customers to several servers. We manage the cluster environment and virtual server for you.


n'cloud Secure E-Mail

Secure E-Mail Gateway of SEPPMAIL from Switzerland is one of the worldwide leading solutions thanks to their integrated and patented GINA procedure for spontaneous encryption.


n'cloud Webhosting

Your website is in safe hands with our powerful and cost-effective web hosting and numerous modern features.


Managed Server/Application

Bring your local software in to the cloud and make it accessible via Internet.



With Nextcloud, you have the solution to make individual files or entire folders available to selected partners, customers or employees for further processing at any time.


Webroot Cyber-Security Antivirus

We offer complete protection against real-time threats from email, browsers, files, URLs and advertising. your computer for malicious malware in under 20 seconds check with Webroot.


n'cloud SpamTitan Anti-Spam

Efficient spam protection for your business with our advanced 360° anti-spam solution.


n'cloud DDoS Protection

n'cloud DDoS Protection offers you a cost-effective solution to protect your web and server infrastructure against malicious attacks from the web.


n'guard Cyber Security

n'guard Cyber Security - WatchGuard Endpoint Security products include WatchGuard EPP, WatchGuard EDR, WatchGuard EPDR, and WatchGuard DNSWatchGO for DNS filtering.


Cyber Security

We offer you the Cyber ​​Security Check as a subscription and take care of the security of your IT infrastructure on a regular basis.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

No more frustration with data loss! With n'cloud Backup (Acronis) your data is automatically stored and replicable for you.


n'cloud E-Mail Archive

With n'cloud e-mail archiving, we offer you the solution for long-term, unalterable and secure storage of electronic messages.

Are you perhaps not sure which services you need
or in what way we could help you?

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