Software development

Software development, from the idea to the web-based application

Often one still works with Excel lists and different databases and over the years requirements have been added which cannot be implemented. Sometimes you just have an idea how it could be easier and don't really know how to convert it into a web-based application.

We work with a team of developers worldwide and take over the coordination. We will guide you together to achieve your goal from the beginning of the idea to the end of the development.

We work out a specification together and take over communication with the developers. This ensures that what you have in mind comes out.

Your own development team ?!

If you just want a remote team that works for you, this is no problem either. From the office to the laptop, everything at a fixed price. We take care of the social security contributions and expand the team if necessary. You tell us which skills the employee must have and we will do the rest.

Benefit and advantages



We increase the number of employees if necessary. Look for the right skills and incorporate them quickly.



We coordinate the employees and communication takes place in German or English.



Fixed costs, which include all social security contributions, office and infrastructure as well as on-site management.



Since these are different time zones, the efficiency is higher and can be expanded if necessary.

Do you have an idea and don't yet know how to implement it?

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