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Why n'cloud.swiss?

«Swiss made» Security and Quality Standards
Compatibility with AWS and large cloud providers
Free Personal Customer Support from IT Specialists
n’Store Marketplace for Business Software and Services

What options do I have with n'cloud.swiss?

Get access to the full range of our services with the free n’cloud.swiss account. Be part of a new era in cloud computing. All cloud delivery model and services in one and the same product.
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n’cloud.swiss Technical Features

Cloud Native Apps

AWS compatible resources

n'cloud.swiss supports all leading cloud platforms

State-of-the-art solutions tailored to your needs


Kubernetes-as-a-Service of n'cloud.swiss eliminates the operational barriers to adopting a container-based strategy. Reduce the administrative burden on the lifecycle of Kubernetes!

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Analytics EMR

Our Hadoop, Spark and HBase services enable Big Data solutions. N'cloud.swiss Big Data Services are compatible with AWS EMR (including APIs). Achieve Workload Scaling with n'cloud.swiss Analytics EMR.

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The award-winning CDaaS service (Continuous Delivery as a Service) allows you to leverage a complete CI / CD environment while saving time and money in the development process. The cost-effective solution is based on automated n'cloud.swiss tools.

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The city of Zug's Blockchain e-voting system and other blockchain projects are already being used successfully on our cloud. We support you in the conception, implementation and cloud operation of Hyperledger and Ethereum Blockchain applications.

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Load Balancer-as-a-Service

Take advantage of the ability to automatically distribute application traffic across multiple computer instances for high availability, scalability, and cloud-quality performance!

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We provide a fully managed database as a service that eliminates the operational frustration of providing databases and manages common database management tasks throughout their lifecycle.

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App Catalog

In addition to more than 142 preinstalled stacks, you can create VM template catalogs to increase developer productivity and provide additional services to customers.

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Edge Computing

Our cloud supports a combination of n'cloud.swiss and edge computing solutions. With our partner Ryax Technologies we facilitate and facilitate the development and use of modern IoT, Big Data and AI applications.

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Compute Services

Compute Services by n'cloud.swiss gives you the power to create and fully manage a scalable, flexible yet easy-to-manage on-prem infrastructure. This applies to all applications, containers and other aspects of the SDDC.

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Block Storage

Reduce latency and overhead with our solution! Our high performance storage service wipes all I / O across all available storage devices in the rack. Storage functionality can be extended to use existing storage resources already in the datacenter. High flexibility for you!

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Migration services (V-to-V)

Convince yourself of our automated conversion services for easy integration of VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines and volumes.

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Identity and Access Management

User Authentication and Access Service provides integration with user stores (LDAP, AD) and distributed multi-tenant authorization.

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Cloud Monitoring

Our cloud monitoring solution gives you high quality monitoring services for all virtual resources and health notifications.

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Our software-defined network services provide you with optimal control over your private virtual network, including selection of internal IP address range, configuration of virtual routers and connectivity to network gateways.

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File System Storage

Our file system supports existing and cloud-based applications. Support for AWS EFS-compliant APIs gives you instant access to the file system for multiple instances.

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Object Storage

For the first time, we offer unified and persistent cloud-based storage in which the object store is located next to the block store in the same hyper-converged infrastructure.

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Questions about n'cloud.swiss

Are there any fees for the free n'cloud.swiss?

The entry is free. The first 5% "Power on" are free until they have been exceeded. Once the 5% power on has been exceeded, the effective usage will be billed.

What information is needed for registration?

Your name, company and the e-mail address.

What does n'cloud.swiss cost?

The price-performance ratio and price transparency are exceptionally high at n'cloud.swiss. Put together your cloud services with our Pricing Configurator: Download now .

What happens after the 30 days in which the products can be used for free?

After 30 days, you will be charged for n'cloud.swiss services based on usage.

What's special about n'cloud.swiss?

n'cloud.swiss combines the best that cloud computing has to offer today - IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, either as a service model, as an ON-PREM version or in a hybrid environment.

How secure is n’cloud.swiss?

High Switzerland-typical safety and quality standards characterize n'cloud.swiss. The ISO certification according to the standards 9001 and 27001 underpin the high standards.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Call our Customer Success Team or get in touch with one of our n'cloud.swiss Specialists: +41 62 511 82 82

Are you ready?

Then join the cloud world of n’cloud.swiss!