Corona Statement Netkom IT Services und n’cloud.swiss AG

Corona Statement Netkom IT Services und n’cloud.swiss AG Sehr geehrte Kundschaft, Nun ist der Tag gekommen, wo es sich zeigt, was von zu Hause aus arbeiten […]

Making a significant step closer to a green future with smart cities

What does the digital city of tomorrow look like? Smart city initiatives show that the future is already here.   As we have reached the 21st […]

Are you ok being an Individual Contributor?

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All About BTrDB: Berkeley’s Tree Database

By Jiao Xian This article studies and introduces the internal implementation details of BTrDB, an open-source time series database for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. 1. […]

Boosting the trend of telecommuting and home office through 5G

5G makes possible data transmission in real time. Connection speed and performance reach up to 200GB per second. Business owners, remote workers and lovers of the […]

Tackling Climate Change With Artificial Intelligence

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing the planet. Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) could reverse our climate change with positive effects. Author: Zakaria […]

FMCG Industry- Changing Times

Flight or Fight for Survival Disclaimer: This is neither a theory lesson on FMCG industry and how it works nor a dictum on the sure shots/winning […]

How to Revamp Your Web App in 2019

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How to Become a Contributor of n’world publications

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